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The Melchizedek Method was gifted to Earth in August 1997 by the great Ascended Master Thoth and channeled by Alton Kamadon (The Kamadon Academy).  Lord Melchezidek empowers the initiations that are received at the completion of each of the five levels of training.  Levels I and II introduce us to the Flower of Life and the Hologram of Love Merkaba.  As you work through Levels I and II, you will feel your heart awaken to a new level of unconditional love with each experience of the higher vibrational cleansings.  Levels III, IV and V are quantum leaps into self discovery.

Darlene-Marie Slagle understood that this method was calling to her to make a difference--and she witnessed the change personally..  It was a very intense time of study and meditation, and it became more and more clear that the Melchizedek Method resonated with her in the most powerful way of any other trainings.  Darlene-Marie saw a new alliance forming among other Melchizedek practitioners to help spread the knowledge of this special modality and considers herself blessed to have found this path. Now she will share it with you -- through the trainings and/or through energy work.

You will not find a more generous association than the one offered by Divine Methods in Spirituality (DMS)!  Please join our mailing list for ongoing announcements at:


Darlene-Marie Slagle is looking forward to having you experience the Melchizedek Method of Holographic Energy Healing. Even if you have training in other healing modalities, experiencing this method will expand and enhance what you have learned so far.  This method is based on sacred geometry and is tuned in to a very high level of consciousness. You will learn about the Flower of Life, the Merkaba and how the galactic numbers (13, 20, 33) connect us to all there is!  Read more about this method at: http://kamadonacademy.com/index.php/what-is-the-melchizedek-method

THIS FALL: Melchezidek Method Workshops Levels One and Two. Dates TBA (please email interest and to get on a wait list for fall 2016 or spring 2017):

Level One:
No prerequisite.

Level Two:
Prerequisite:  Level One.

Cost:  Total cost for both workshops (which must be taken together) is $705.  A deposit of $150 is due IN ADVANCE so we can order your manuals and CDs.  The remaining fee of $555 is due at the start of class.  Please call Darlene at 978.407.4121 to discuss payment options.

Darlene-Marie Slagle (Divine Methods in Spirituality) has completed all five levels of the Melchizedek Method, the Melchizedek Method teacher certification, is an ordained Melchizedek priest and is a Holy Fire Reiki Master.